What kind of vehicle is used?

A newer model 15 passenger van or Large SUV

What about child car seats?

We provide these!  Already installed and ready to go.

Who are the drivers?

Several of our drivers are part time staff members and interns from Mosaic Community Church.  Every driver is fully trained, has been background checked, has experience working with children, has a safe driving record, and is personally known and trusted by Andrew and Carrie Bach

Can I communicate with the drivers?

Yes - you will have their direct contact information and will be able to communicate with them directly within operating hours.

Will my child have the same driver every day?

For the most part, yes.  Occasionally our drivers will have schedule conflicts that require a substitute.

What if I am running late for morning pickup?

The van will depart at the same time everyday, and unfortunately cannot wait for children who are running behind.

What if I'm late for afternoon drop off?

We will arrive at the shuttle stop each afternoon at approximately the same time, and drivers cannot wait for parents running late, as this will affect the drop off time for other students.  If there is an emergency, please contact the driver directly so that we can help accordingly.

Where are the drop off locations?

Broadview - Northgate - Ballard  - Magnolia - Queen Anne.  Exact locations can be found here.

Can my half-day child (pre-k and kindergarten) use Safe n Sound?

Yes, as long as the pick-up times are the same as k-6th.  This year we plan to provide half day pick ups and drop offs!

What happens inside the van during transportation?

Music or Audio approved by SCCS will be played at all times during the ride.  This will most likely be a Bible story, a book that we are listening to, christian music, or classical music.  

What happens if there is conflict between students in the van?

Each driver  is trained to work with children through conflict in a peaceful and productive way.  Parents will be informed immediately of any incidents that occur.

How does my student get from the van into their classroom?

Our drivers will ensure that students are dropped off and picked up on time each day from the SCCS drop off zone.  Safe N Sound will be sure children enter and exit SCCS in a safe and timely manner.

How am I billed for this service?

Payment is due on the first of every month.You may pay for the entire school year in advance or set up a monthly automatic bank withdrawal.

Does the cost of service change for months that have holiday periods?

No.  Every month costs the same, no matter how many school days are in a particular month.

Is Safe N Sound insured?

Yes.  Each driver and our service are fully licensed and insured.